We Are Willow Burn

We Are Willow Burn

Each year at Willow Burn, our team of nurses, healthcare assistants and counsellors, provide end of life and palliative care, day services and bereavement support, to hundreds of people and their families. They couldn’t do it without you.

Not everyone knows this, but hospices need fundraising to survive. Willow Burn only receives 46% of its funds through government. For every pound spent providing care at Willow Burn the charity needs over 50p from fundraising.

Every single person involved with Willow Burn is the inspiration behind this, campaign, because quite simply, Willow Burn wouldn’t be Willow Burn without you.

Join our campaign and...

  • shine a light on all of the people, past and present, who make Willow Burn so special.

  • pledge your support by wearing a 'We Are Willow Burn' pin badge, registering to volunteer or donating to our campaign.

  • share your Willow Burn story.

  • help us to raise enough money to sponsor a nurse for a year.

We are Willow Burn. Are you?

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