Memories in Bloom

Location: Willow Burn Hospice Gardens

When: End of July - Mid September

Time: At your convenience

This summer the gardens at Willow Burn will be adorned with colourful ceramic flowers as we launch ‘Memories in Bloom’ this month in memory of your loved ones.

In return for a minimum donation for £10 per flower, we will ‘plant’ a beautiful ceramic flower in the Willow Burn Gardens, in memory of your loved one, accompanied by a small wooden plaque with their name.

Memories are flowers that bloom no matter what the weather
The flowers will be on display from mid-July when you will be welcome to visit anytime to remember your loved one, reflect on the happy times you shared with them and to be thankful for the beauty and colour they brought into your life. It is also a chance to show your appreciation for the wonderful care and nursing teams at Willow Burn Hospice.

To ensure that your flower(s) are not damaged by the frost when winter comes, we will carefully package up your flower and either send it to you in the post, or keep to display next summer, when we take the display down at the end of September.

If you have any queries about Memories in Bloom, or would like a paper form, please do not hesitate to contact Selina on: 01207 529 224 or email:

Plant a Treasured Memory for your loved one at Willow Burn
If you would like to plant a Treasured Memory, please make your donation on link below, along with the name of your loved one(s) in the messages box. You can also use the message box to share a memory or special message about your loved one.