We Are Willow Burn Spotlight: 'Hills R Us' 155 mile bike ride Walney to Wear

Posted: July 19th, 2022

By Rachel Todd

This weekend, David Walker, Tim Wilson, Glynn Goodrum and Graham Dyson are undertaking a massive three day 155 mile bike ride Walney to Wear C2C to raise funds for Willow Burn Hospice in memory of Graham's sister. Here Graham tells his story:

We are the latest iteration of a cycling group that has been riding together since 2012. David Walker, Tim Wilson, Glynn Goodrum and myself, Graham Dyson are the current group.

We also have a fifth vital member of the group Mick Armstrong, who provides us with transport and in-ride logistical support, without whom we couldn’t do these rides.

From the year 2012, we have raised funds for numerous charities, some are listed below: Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Great North Ambulance, Crohns & Colitus, Alzheimer’s Society, Combat Stress & Emily Burns

Amongst the rides we have undertaken are : Coast to Coast, Biggar to Berwick, Reivers, North Pennine Way, South Pennine Way, Sandstone Way and Join Muir Way. Our next adventure is one of the alternative coast to coast rides, which is called the Walney to Wearmouth C2C

As a group we have decided to help Willow Burn Hospice raise some funds, as I have a connection going back to 2012, when Willow Burn Hospice cared for my sister in the last weeks of her life. Its seems fitting that we help Willow Burn Hospice this time, as it was the passing of my sister from Breast Cancer which  prompted the charity ride for Breast Cancer in 2012.

I should have done this earlier but whilst the work at Willow Burn Hospice is fantastic and the care she received was  first  rate, it was a painful memory for me to overcome.

We are now fully in training to make the best of this cycle ride as we can, and hopefully raise a decent sum of money for Willow Burn Hospice.

Good luck David, Tim, Glynn and Graham, Team Willow Burn are behind you and we will be thinking of you all this weekend.

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