Gift of a Day in Memory of Claire Mills

Posted: April 22nd, 2022

By Willow Burn Hospice

On Saturday 23 April the costs to operate the Helen McArdle In-Patient Wing have been donated in loving memory of Claire Mills.

Claire was admitted to Willow Burn on December 16th 2021 for some respite care after a month of being unwell and bedridden. Although we received help from the district nurses it’s was agreed more help was needed. I will be forever grateful to all at Willow Burn for the care Claire received, professional caring and loving. As I was allowed to stay there with Claire I also received the same level of care and  dedication from all the staff at such a difficult time. Sadly Claire passed away on the 27th December after a long five and a half year battle with lung cancer aged 59. The time at Willow Burn was so precious to myself, her dad and brother, as I know if she had been admitted to hospital, we would probably not have been able to be with her and take comfort knowing Willow Burn was there when we needed it. I will be forever grateful to you all.

Claire lived in Stanley and I lived in Newcastle but when we were married we bought a house and remained in Stanley. We were married at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on 19th August 1989 and married for 32years. Claire worked for De La Rue on the Team Valley for 36 years and had to retire when diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Claire was a wonderful person and my soul mate and miss her dearly. We didn’t have any family as we both worked but we’re dedicated to each other, living a happy loving life even after her diagnosis. Claire never complained and just accepted what was needed to be done to help her. Claire’s catholic faith helped her through her time being unwell and always took strength from her beliefs.

Philip Mills

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