Visits and Presentations

Here at Willow Burn we pride ourselves on being a ‘face-to-face charity’, always making time for our supporters and contacts. We also understand that sometimes getting the message about hospice care out and understood can be difficult which is why we have dedicated staff members who are available to come and speak about Willow Burn and hospices to anyone who is interested.

Our Fundraising Team are always willing to come and speak to classes, assemblies, meetings and more to help spread the word of the importance of Hospice Care.

We can bring with us: a full digital presentation (audience-appropriate)

    • Examples of fundraising tools to share and leave


    • Information Packs and flyers (audience-appropriate)


    • Additional resources, as appropriate


    • Our mascot, Rusty McNutty; the Willow Burn Squirrel

Our team are consistently friendly, approachable, punctual and respectful of whomever they present to so if you would like to arrange for a visit and/or presentation then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us on 01207 523900, for more information.