Many schools choose to support us through fundraising. The Willow Burn team offer support to schools that choose to fundraise for us, we also provide event ideas and initiatives that can be rolled out by everyone involved within the place of learning.

Willow Burn Hospice won’t be the only one to benefit from these transactions, any school involved shall receive the following benefits:

Primary Schools

  • Increased exposure: As an organisation, you shall gain better publicity from working alongside Willow Burn Hospice as well as a greater community standing.
  • Learning experiences: Working with us offers both teachers and pupils the chance to learn about who we are and what we do, it provides an insight into the charity world and will demonstrate how fundraising contributions are used and why they matter. Alongside this, it also offers great student learning opportunities, working with money allows for mathematical development and encourages English and confidence development through personal interaction.
  • Citizenship: Our being part of your school enables us to give your pupils the chance to prepare for the changing world. We will be able to show that they are able to make their own decisions and can take responsibility for those decisions. Our presence will also cover ethical learning and demonstrate that it is nice to be nice and helping others is very important in more ways than one.

Fundraising with Rusty

Introducing Rusty McNutty, the Willow Burn mascot has proven to be a real hit with pupils and teachers alike. This squishy, lovable squirrel is a much beloved member of the Willow Burn team and works just as hard as anybody to raise funds for our charity. Rusty’s Rangers are a team of likeminded determined youngsters that want to help rusty in his mission to support us and they even have their very own hashtag ‘#rustysrangers’! Can your school become Rusty’s Rangers too? He is available to join you at events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Fundraising ideas

  • Non-uniform Day: Dress down for the day and relax in your coolest comfy clothing!
  • Fancy Dress Day: Dress up and become your favourite super hero, princess or even a scary monster, RAWR!
  • Trusty Treat Day: Make a lot of tasty treats and sell them to all of your friends and family.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hunt for treasure with Rusty Mcnutty and find your booty hidden in a secret place!
  • Go Green for Willow Burn: Wear your swankiest green T-shirt and support the Willow Burn family.

For further information regarding fundraising, contact Elaine Ryder on: 01207 523 903

To arrange a date to meet rusty, email him at:

To download our Early Years and Primary Schools pack, click here.