Hospice: FAQ’s

Where is the Hospice based?

The hospice is currently next to the old Maiden Law hospital in Lanchester. Head towards Howden Bank and upon arrival drive past and down from the currently derelict buildings into the car park.

Do you have to be religious to be at Willow Burn?

Absolutely not. Willow Burn are inclusive of all religions/cultures/ races and anybody is welcome to come and receive care from us.

What age do you have to be to be cared for at Willow Burn?

Willow Burn take patients that are over the age of 18.

Do you just come here if you have cancer?

No. Willow Burn care for patients that have a variety of problems and needs. We do get Cancer referrals but we have a wide range of patients who have different problems. Only 30% of people that come to Willow Burn come here for end of life care. Others come for respite and symptom control or for our day hospice service.

Is Willow Burn just a place to die?

No, not at all. Willow Burn is a happy, loving and compassionate place where people can come to relax and get symptom control or respite, not just end of life care.