Share positivity and display your Willow Trees for Willow Burn

Team Willow Burn has loved seeing all of your rainbow pictures and paintings displayed in windows around Derwentside. Rainbows are a sign of positivity, so we are challenging all of your children (and big children) to paint, draw or decorate a Willow Tree and display it in your window with your rainbows.

The rainbow project was designed to show support for your community and to help keep people smiling, as Willow Burn holds such a special place in so many hearts, we think your Willow Trees will have the same effect.


What you need to do:

1. Download this template and print out or design your very own Willow Tree.

2. Decorate your Willow Tree as brightly as possible.

3. Display your Willow Tree in your window (under your rainbow if you have you one)

4. Take a photo of your window/Willow Tree and tag Willow Burn’s social media or share it with us.

5. Share – if you see any Willow Trees displayed when you are out on your daily walk, take a photo and share it with us.


Download a Willow Tree template: Download

We know how creative you all are and we can’t wait to see your Willow Trees displayed.

Lots of Love

Team Willow Burn