Willow Burn Lent Challenge: 40 Days 40 Items

Now that Pancake Day is over, it’s time to give something up for Lent, but if you don’t fancy giving up your favourite sweet treats or your morning coffee, why not join in the Willow Burn Lent Challenge?

The Retail Team at Willow Burn are challenging you to find an item in your house, every day for 40 days, which you can donate to one of our charity shops. Not only will it get you ahead with your spring clean but you will also be supporting your Local Hospice.

We are constantly open to accepting donations from the general public, not just for clothes but also electrical items, accessories and home ware. We sell a wide range of items from vintage clothing, wedding clothes and items for around your home.

At the end of the 40 days, your items can be donated to your local shop in Chester-le-Street, Consett or Stanley:

Community Shops



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