Thank you to the Mark Benevolent Fund

Willow Burn Hospice is delighted to announce a substantial donation in support of our new and expanded facilities in Lanchester, County Durham. The Mark Benevolent Fund, which has been in existence since 1868, has awarded the Hospice £36,000 to provide a piped medical gas system in our new in-patient unit and Sir Tom Cowie Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Our new in-patient unit, funded by Helen McCardle, will include six world-class bedrooms, a café, spa bathroom, family room and community gardens, and our Wellbeing Services will include a new Family Support suite, holistic therapy room and new consultation rooms for residents across Derwentside.


Visit from members of the Mark Benevolent Fund

The Mark Benevolent Fund provides funding for Mark Master Masons and their families in times of need. It also makes grants to many other charities and worthy causes throughout England and Wales. The Fund’s principal aim is to relieve pain and suffering and to reach out to the wider community, helping as many people as they can.

Paul Jackson, Chair of Trustees at Willow Burn said, “The grant from

Darren Coleman-Heald, Charities Manager at the Mark Benevolent Fund and our new piped oxygen control panels.

the Mark Benevolent Fund will transform the way we are able to administer oxygen to our patients and service users. It is safer, more discreet, and meets the modern standards we are looking for in our new world-class facility. We are delighted that the Mark Benevolent Fund has been so generous.”

Darren Coleman-Heald, Charities Manager, who visited the new site in Lanchester on 18th September with members of the Durham Mark Benevolent Fund said, “We are delighted to be associated with the Willow Burn Hospice. Our grant has formed an integral part of the project helping relieve stress in the patients and reduce time pressures on hospice staff.”


The new in-patient unit at Willow Burn will open its doors in early November 2018.


If you are involved with a grant-making trust or foundation and would like to find out more about our expansion programme, please contact Nicky Doherty, our Grants and Trusts Coordinator, on 01207 523901 or



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