The Horror of Networking!

Everyone has a horror story from a networking event, whether it is the guy who just throws business cards at you without explanation, the pretentious business owner who won’t stop telling you how amazing their business is, or the chatty person who won’t let you move on and NETWORK!

On Friday 13th October Willow Burn hosted a networking event to celebrate all of these stories and learn some tips and tricks on how not to end up on someone’s horror list!

The event took place at the amazing Thought Foundation in Birtley (if you haven’t been yet, check it out!) and our guest speaker was Nicola Jayne Little from Digital Sparkles. Nicola spoke about how to network efficiently and the importance of always being “on” for your business. You want to be remembered for the right reasons, not as the person who turned up late, spent the whole session on the phone and didn’t represent their business in a professional manner.

This was a great event and hopefully people went away with the confidence to network, even if they are not a natural networker.

 If you didn’t make it to the event, here is a list of my favourite Networking Horror Stories!

• The horror of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being stuck with someone who doesn’t allow you to move on and network!

• I was at a networking event having a lovely conversation with someone and a gentleman walked up to us didn’t introduce himself and said “are either of you training providers?” we both said no “good, do either of you need training?” we both said no. “Good I won’t waste my time here then” and off he went to the next person!!!

• ‘I’m not interested in you…’

• I did recently have somebody look at me in horror at a networking event when I introduced myself and say “sorry have we met” no love it’s called NETWORKING!!

• Remember the chap that called us ‘2 blondes playing at running an eco-business’??

• First time at this networking event and I rather out of place, not a natural networker and turned to a friendly face to say, I feel like a fish out of water. He then said “talking about fish out of water, I went for a wee and I’ve got it on my trousers!”

• I had an embarrassing and horrific moment at my FIRST ever networking for my new business. I was advised by another attendee to go and pick the brains of ‘the guy’ in the corner. I wandered over but he was turned away faffing with something in his bag. I said, “Hi, I’ve been recommended to talk to you, but sorry I don’t know your name…” and reached out my hand for a shake. He turned around and said “you should we dated for 3 years…in fact you know A LOT more about me than my name!”. Let’s just say I blushed and retreated to my car, to McDonald’s drive-thru and hid in my pj’s eating bad food at home for the rest of the day. Beware the Ex!


Our next networking and training event is Fire up your Business on Friday 3rd November at Whitworth Hall, £25 per person including lunch.


Thank you to Leanne from the Thought Foundation, Nicola from Digital Sparkles and everyone who contributed to the Horror Story list!


Laura Jane Forbes, Senior Fundraiser, Willow Burn Hospice.



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