Willow Burn Hospice and MRS Training & Rescue working together to help save lives.

Back in April, MRS Training & Rescue, based at Houghton, delivered potentially life-saving equipment to Willow Burn Hospice, with the aim of helping people have the best possible quality of life whilst avoiding the need for hospital admission.

The hospice first approached Gary Williams, Operations Manager at MRS, as they required some first aid training, and Gary offered to provide this free of charge. A few weeks later, the hospice got in touch again as they had been awarded a grant from the Gannett Foundation – one of only two charities in the region to benefit in the current round of funding. The grant was for some first aid equipment and Gary was able to source this for them at cost price. Then, to further support the hospice, Gary offered further free training on the equipment purchased. In total, the training is valued at over £1,000.

MRS Training & Rescue providing equipment to Willow Burn Hospice


Diane Morgan, Day Hospice Coordinator of Therapies spoke about MRS & The Hospice working together: “We are thrilled with the award from the Gannett Foundation and the fact that MRS has been able to secure the equipment for us at cost, whilst also providing free training.”







About MRS Training & Rescue

MRS Training & Rescue (Houghton station) @ Food Festival


MRS Training & Rescue – the new name for Mines Rescue Service, has developed its specialist skills, experience and knowledge gained from working in difficult and potentially high risk environments. The MRS team of qualified trainers do not only provide expert training, but can impart real life scenarios of situations they have faced, in order to bring the learning to life.

They provide fully accredited health and safety training courses throughout the UK.


Gill Adams, Fundraiser responsible for applying to Foundations and Trusts for grants had said: “These items of life-saving equipment could be crucial to ensuring the safety of vulnerable people at a very sensitive and emotional time.  We have used the grant towards defibrillators, evacuation chairs and resuscitation trolleys”

MRS Training & Rescue working alongside Willow Burn Hospice had been an enthralling moment for all. Gary Williams, Operations Manager at MRS Houghton, wrapped it up with; “We are very happy to be supporting Willow Burn in this way. We are pleased to be able to share our skills and expertise with the staff and give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to use what they have been taught should a real emergency situation occur.”

MRS Training & Rescue have seven training facilities across the UK, each offering a comprehensive range of health and safety training and services to a wide range of industries. Get in contact to find out more.

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