Plods ‘N’ Bombs – Riding To Make a Difference

It all started in 2012 with just two men that were “lost in the countryside”. It was John Geoghegan and Steven Morrison – the founders of Plods ‘N’ Bombs. Now, it has developed into an amazing group of people who time and time again have challenged themselves to achieve what most would consider out of reach; devoting a part of their lives to making a difference and helping to change the world.

The Plods ‘N’ Bombs Riders cycle all around the North to raise money for various charities. A select few riders have chosen Willow Burn Hospice as a charity of choice, meaning we will receive a portion of funds raised by the crew. One man in particular has honoured five years of riding to Willow Burn. John Geoghegan, a local Consett fella’ and co-founder of the group, was inspired by the care of a friend’s family members; all of whom were cared for here, in Derwentside, by the amazing staff of Willow Burn Hospice. Working for our biggest supporter (Elddis), John is very much involved with Willow Burn in more ways than one and even enjoys a ride with Nigel Cook MD Elddis Transport from time to time. The recent efforts of John have been driven by the passing of his father, unfortunately we couldn’t offer our care but John still pushes on; riding in his memory.

The latest Plods ‘N’ Bombs ride has seen a fortunate turnover of £10,600 for various charities – Willow Burn have been gifted with an amazing sum of £2,000 from their total. This large donation will go a long way to securing our future and we are very thankful to everyone involved. YOU make us possible and you help us on our way. Applications have been sent to raise yet more money for Willow Burn courtesy of the Prison Service Charity Trust, who have donated in the past with a sum of £1,000.

On a final note, John would like to offer his thanks to all who took part and for the continuous support that Elddis and Nigel Cook provides. Thanks to this and the continuous support of all those who donate, this merry band of individuals are on the road to making this world a better place for all.


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